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What We Offer

Speed Development
Personal Training
Quickness & Agility
Group & Team Training
Strength & Conditioning
Boot Camps
Post Rehab Specialist
Weight Loss
Weight Training Yoga

Sports Specific Training

Football Lacrosse
Baseball Soccer
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Strength, Conditioning & Weight Training
Our certified strength and conditioning experts are undoubtedly the best in the business. Along with our fully equipped gym and weight training facility, we can custom design a program to meet your specific needs for any sport.


Personal & Group Training
Ideal for individuals, groups or teams, our certified personal trainers are ready to help you achieve your goals in a motivational and judgment-free setting.

Speed & Agility
Our expert trainers and first class facility, which features a 40 yard indoor track, are a winning combination to improve your speed, agility & quickness for any sport.

Why Train With Us?

Here for the serious athlete who wants to take their game to the next level:
Individual attention given to each Athlete
Help prevent injuries
Get a jump on your competitors
Build mental toughness
Improve your confidence
No Nonsense! We Are HARDCORE!!


Who We Are?

Dan Ownes and Dana Connelly have a total of 23 years of combined experience providing health and fitness training.


  • Dan Ownes

    Dan has been providing health & fitness training for the past 17 years. He has a degree in Exercise Psysiology from Kean University. Dan has spent 11 years as an expert trainer, contributor, program designer and model for Women's Health magazine.

    Other past experience includes
    - 15 Years as a coach at the Penn State Football Camps
    - Strength coach for the 2004 US Olympic Fencing Team
    - Cycling coach for the Full Throttle Endurance 4 time National Champion Triathlon Team
    - Nationally Ranked Triathlete
    - Program Designer for the Men's Health Urbanathalon workouts
    - Strength Coach for professional baseball player Rob Semerano

  • Dana Connelly
                                                • Dana has been a Personal Trainer and Aerobic Instrictio for over 6 years. She believes that nothing is more exciting than watching her clients transofrm. Dana specializeds in weight loss and endurance conditioning, with a background in nutrition.

                                                  Dana's certifications include
                                                  - AAAII/ISMA Personal Training
                                                  - AAAII/ISMA Group Aerobics
                                                  - AAAII/ISMA Cycling
                                                  - AAAII/ISMA Kickboxing
                                                  - AAAII/ISMA Pilates
                                                  - AAAII/ISMA Body Conditioning
                                                  - AAAII/ISMA Weight Management
                                                  - AAAII/ISMA Nutrition & Wellness Certification
                                                  And more!